Monday, February 22, 2010

a poem i wrote

Pandora's Box

Your eyes,
They keep on chasing me.
Following my sound waves,
Gathering the fear within my mentality
Haunting my nightly dreams

They lay aside me every night.
They cling to my cheeks and soak into my skin
My burning pores can't even contain them
These wretched memores of
You, dear.

The spirits fill my lungs
My heartbeat keeps ticking, ticking
Causing vibrations to run through my veins
My heavy body is shaking,
It quivers on with the shade

The shadows contain your breaths:
inhale, exhale, inhale -
My sheets cling to me,
Like a new skin they form unto me
Stretching, elastic thoughts keep forming

The ghosts seem to be reminding me.
They dance around my feet,
And sing me to sorrow.
Your voice hides beneath the mattress,
It echos through my marrow

The scratching at my window,
It leaves for restless shock
The webs that drape this stale tomb
Cannot seem to grasp the insanity
My throat aches of fear

My core turns into granite
Lacking energy, rotting my soul
All these cries for help;
My lungs seem to squeeze out the last one

woowoo. update: craving custard kit-kats and listening to ingrid michaelson.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


i need happy. now.
i painted for 6 straight hours today,
but i guess that just wasn't enough.
what am i going to do with myself.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


i started this new blog because i, myself, have changed a lot.
i felt that a new blog would be better than continuing the old one.
it will be different. it will be me.